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In the wild world of freelancing and remote work, website designers stand tall. Any business or operation big and small needs an online presence, and it’s a big, one-time project that’s best covered under a freelance contract.

But like any freelance career, web designers need to master a bucket of additional skills, from networking to cold calling to billing to taxes to money management. And one of those issues in particular tends to trip up your typical hard-working web designer: Picking a client. Here’s why.

Skip the Small Scale Clients

One user on the /r/entrepreneur subreddit offered the following advice, culled from a web design career that started in January 2016 and now regularly earned over $10,000 a month. The secret? Don’t pick the small scale web design clients that won’t benefit much from your refurbished site. Here’s the back-of-the-envelope math on how it works:

“Imagine for a second the website you build

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