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Why Use a Website Builder Instead of a Web Designer?

Website builders are simply magical. For non-web designers, there’s no better definition of ‘pulling a rabbit out of a hat’. They too can experience the fulfilment that accompanies designing a website, without going through the extremely technical coding process,... read more

Best web design software

Add to favorites How many templates would you want to choose from? This list includes web design software to suit any level of user, even if you do not currently fit the category of web designer and have no experience, you can soon proudly announce you are one. If you... read more

mg Receives American Web Design Award

5/4/2017 mg is proud to announce they were recently awarded an American Web Design Award from Graphic Design USA for the website design of After more than 50+ years with the name MG Design, the firm decided to streamline their name and rebrand at the... read more

How Good Web Design Can Help Increase Your Conversion Rate

Web design plays a significant role in improving conversion rate of a website. However, many people just fail to identify this important aspect of web design. You should hire expert web designer from Northern Beaches who can create an amazing website for your small... read more

The Meaning and Purpose of Responsive Web Design

The following is an exclusive extract from our new book, Jump Start Responsive Web Design, 2nd Edition, written by Chris Ward. Copies are sold in stores worldwide, or you can buy it in ebook form here. It used to be so simple: you’d design a website or application for... read more

YouTube Starts Rolling Out New Website Design, Dark Mode

YouTube has started to invite its users to preview a new design of its website, which includes a dark mode suitable for nighttime viewing. The design is also more closely aligned to the look and feel of YouTube’s mobile apps, with YouTube product manager Brian... read more

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