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How fast does my Mac need to be for video editing?

Apple Mac computers come in a dazzling range of sizes, speeds and prices. Almost all Macs are brilliant computers, but some (like the Mac Pro) offer extreme speeds. “How fast does my Mac need to be?” is a question our readers often ask, and the answer depends on why... read more

8 responsive web design trends that defined 2015

The article that introduced responsive web design to the world was published by Ethan Marcotte just over five years ago. In the short timespan since, responsive web design has gone from an interesting new idea to the industry-wide accepted approach to multi-device... read more

How A Mouse Can Sniff Out Bad Web Design

Companies can pump millions into a website’s design, implementing the splashiest graphics and seemingly intuitive information architecture. But that doesn’t guarantee users will like the site. Brigham Young University professor Jeffrey Jenkins argues that... read more

Quality Web Design Businesses

Whether you’re a freelance hired gun on your own, a moderate-sized development house, or a full-sized website design and host business, these tips are provided to be a quality guide for your services. It should be no secret that website design has changed drastically... read more

Web Design: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

SPONSORED CONTENT FROM AND What’s this? By Ernie Smith / Dec 8, 2015 For many organizations, web design can create a lot of challenges—with so many projects to create, it can feel like you’re re-creating the wheel every time out. Could a dedicated web framework... read more

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